MO Hives is a Missouri 501(c)3 nonprofit that was founded in 2019 in order to proliferate urban apiaries (bee farms) throughout Missouri. Founder Marion Spence Pierson, M.D. FAAP says, “We have seen urban bee farms work wonders in areas that were previously blighted. And we’ve seen that bees actually thrive in these areas due to their lower levels of pesticides and herbicides. Bees are an important element to our ecosystem and have suffered a severe population decline over the last 20 years. We aim to rejuvenate those populations while also rejuvenating urban neighborhoods.”

MISSION: MO Hives KC educates and involves urban residents in the creation, preservation and expansion of pollinator habitats in the KC Metro Area, utilizing vacant land to support community health and wellness, as 33% of food depends on pollinators for growth.

Co-Founder Brian Reeves is an avid beekeeper and teaches a Community Action Team how to maintain healthy bee hives.

The inspiration for this organization came from Detroit Hives. Our first hive installations (2020) were at a vacant property on Wabash Avenue, between 50th and 51st Street, and adjacent to a community garden at Children’s Mercy Hospital, both in Kansas City, Missouri.¬†

The initial goal is to create more awareness amongst urban Kansas City Area residents about what they can do to establish health habitats for pollinators in urban areas, by creating a healthy urban apiary model that can be duplicated in other Missouri cities.


  1. Dr. Marion Pierson, c0-founder
  2. Brian Reeves, co-founder
  3. Rachelle Garcia Carson
  4. Kiki Curls
  5. Jackie Griffin
  6. Timothy Jackson
  7. Kesi Milligan
  8. Phyllis Ragsdale
  9. Eric Strautman
  10. Thomas Vansaghi
  11. Cathy Weatherford
  12. Tina Wurth