BEE Urban. BEE Beautiful.

MO Hives KC puts bee hives on vacant urban lots, creating bee farms that pollinate nearby food gardens, while invigorating the community with a wide range of experiential learning opportunities. Check out the news coverage from October 2021!

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Board & Volunteers

Despite the pandemic, MO Hives KC launched in April of 2020! It would not have been possible without generous support from our Sponsors, Partners, and Volunteers! Thank you!

By transforming vacant lots in the inner city, MO Hives is promoting both thriving bee farms (apiaries) and thriving communities. In addition to emphasizing the importance of the pollinating insect for improving food production yields, MO Hives is working to find safe, sustainable environments for bees to live, feed, and grow. First Hives at Wabash

MO Hives established a low-cost, long-term lease arrangement with Community Builders – KC for six lots that make up their Wabash Avenue apiary site (between 50th and 51st streets on Wabash). These lots have been vacant for nearly a decade and were subject to illegal dumping.

As part of developing a sustainable urban bee farm habitat for the honeybees, MO Hives has begun collecting rainwater from the roof of the Blue Hills Community Center, reusing it for garden beds and honeybees.

MO HIVES KC – 816-309-7981

5030 Wabash Ave.

Kansas City, MO 64130